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Posted on: November 5, 2010 10:25 am

Eisenberg Week 8 Start/Sit Results

Start of the Week (Beanie Wells) – 12 (50 rush, 14 rec, 1 TD)


Analysis: Outscored by 14 RBs, including non-automatic starts such as BGE, Blount, Charles, Marcel Reece, Michael Bush, Tolbert and Sproles (in addition to automatic-starts like CJ, Gore, AD, MJD, etc.).  In leagues awarding points for return yards, he was likely even outscored by his lesser teammate, LaRod Stephens-Howling (41 yards, TD, 143 return yards).  Not a good Start of the Week.




Matt Cassel – 12 (152/1/0, 13 rush)

Carson Palmer – 14 (156/2/1, 13 rush)

Kyle Orton – 18 (369/1/1, 18 rush)

Ryan Fitzpatrick – 15 (223/1/1, 43 rush)

Chad Henne – 6 (217/0/1, -7 rush)

Jon Kitna (sleeper) – 13 (379/1/4, 12 rush)


Avg.: 13 points




Donovan McNabb – 15 (210/1/1, 45 rush)

Brett Favre – 6 (259/0/1)

Matt Hasselbeck – 4 (220/0/1, fumble lost)

Sam Bradford – 17 (191/2/0, 2 rush)

Vince Young – 20 (253/2/0, 3 rush)

Matt Sanchez (bust) – 6 (256/0/2, 22 rush)


Avg.: 11.33 points


Analysis: Not too good.  When you take into consideration that no one in his right mind would have started Hasselbeck or Favre this week (unless he had absolutely no choice, in which case why read this article), the sits averaged 14.5, which Sanchez being the only good call.  (If someone (Jamie?) disagrees with me about Hasselbeck and Favre, please make an argument that doesn’t make me vomit laughter.)  Also, isn't Orton a must-start these days?  And Fitzpatrick is on the precipice.  Even with Farve and Hasselbeck in the mix, the three highest-scoring sits (20, 17, 15) outscored the analog starts (18, 15, 14).  Good sleeper/bust picks; marginal-to-crappy everything else.




Marshawn Lynch – 0 (7 rush, 0 TD)

Felix Jones – 3 (22 rush, 14 rec, 0 TD)

Fred Jackson – 7 (64 rush, 11 rec, 0 TD)

Thomas Jones – 7 (77 rush, 3 rec, 0 TD)*

LeGarette Blount – 22 (120 rush, 9 rec, 2 TDs, fum lost)

Mike Hart – 9 (84 rush, 19 rec, 0 TD)


Avg.: 8 points.




Chris Ivory – 0 (7 rush, 0 TD)

Ryan Matthews – 11 (43 rush, 11 rec, TD)

Danny Woodhead – 11 (13 rush, 45 rec, TD)

Brandon Jackson – 6 (55 rush, 17 rec, 0 TD)

Michael Bush – 16 (51 rush, 55 rec, TD)

DeAngelo Williams – N/A


Avg.: 8.8 points


Analysis: Even worse.  The sits as a group averaged more points than the starts.  (DeAngelo did not play, rendering him irrelevant – obviously, you’re not going to start him.  I will note that these guys seemed pretty high on J. Stewart leading up to game time, when it became clear DeAngelo was out.  Stewart had 30 yards – another fail.)  Ivory, Blount and B. Jackson are arguably the only good picks here.  Blount was a breakout beast, Ivory didn’t score a single point, and Jackson was slightly better than the failure everyone expected against the Jets run defense.  But Matthews, Woodhead, Bush, Lynch, Fred Jackson and the two Joneses did the opposite of Eisenberg’s contentions.  Mike Hart is a toss-up – you could argue that he looked great and scored decently (Eisenberg would likely say 103 total yards with no TDs is “solid” production, as he contended as much re: Fred Jackson with worse stats.)  I would counter that for an advised RB starter – even a “sleeper” – single-digit output is not a success. 

*In the interest of full disclosure, he suggested that J. Charles start in addition to T. Jones.  But, as is the case every week, Charles was the afterthought, with Jones getting the bold inclusion in the Starts section.  Unfortunately, as was not the case before, Charles outscored Jones by 16.




Dez Bryant – 8 (84 rec)

Pierre Garcon – 7 (78 rec)

Mike Williams TB – 16 (105 rec, TD)

Steve Smith CAR – 8 (85 rec)

Patrick Crayton – 4 (46 rec)

Davone Bess (sleeper) – 3 (53 rec, fum lost)


Avg.: 7.75 points




Donald Driver* – 0

Robert Meachem – 7 (76 rec)

Michael Crabtree – 11 (53 rec, TD)

Mike Sims-Walker – 21 (153 rec, TD)

Danny Amendola – 8 (28 rec, TD)

Mike Williams SEA (bust) – 2 (27 rec)


Avg.: 8.13 points.


Analysis: Again, opposite of good.  The average for the Sits takes Driver into account, and it shouldn’t, seeing as he barely played.  He had not been viable since his injury, and no one should have been starting him regardless of this column – like the above circumstance, I call this the DUH! Factor.  Still, the Sits again average more than the Starts.  Garcon seemed like a slam dunk as the primary receiver against the NFL’s worst pass defense, but lo and behold, the Texans decided to shut him off somewhat, forcing the Colts to go elsewhere (slightly predictable).  TB’s Williams and SEA’s Williams – both obviously good picks.  Otherwise, nothing good.  Sims-Walker had a disgustingly good game, and Crabtree, Amendola and Meachem all had 7+.  Again, the top three Sits (21, 11, 8) beat or tied the top three Starts (16, 8, 8).




Kellen Winslow – 0 (5 rec)

Tony Moeaki – 4 (45 rec)

Bo Scaife – 0 (0 rec)

Jacob Tamme (sleeper) – 12 (64 rec, TD)


Avg.: 4 points




Marcedes Lewis – 17 (51 rec, 2 TDs)

Jeremy Shockey – 3 (30 rec)

Owen Daniels – 0 (8 rec)

Jermaine Gresham – 1 (17 rec)


Avg.: 5.25 points


Analysis: This is starting to get redundant.  Again, the Sits outperform the Starts.  Aside from the brilliant sleeper pick (I don’t know why everyone, including Richard, wasn’t ready to trust a new Manning TE this week – Peyton obviously loves TE), Eisenberg failed miserably with his Start picks.  Moeaki is done, Winslow has been done for weeks, and Scaife was never not done, unless you’re in a 16-team league starting two TEs.  Marcedes went off as he is capable of doing any week with Garrard as his QB (i.e. Lewis should never be on a Sit list).  Otherwise, Daniels was a good pick, because a lot of people (me included) thought he’d keep becoming his old self against Indy.  But he failed, regardless.  Shockey is never viable these days, with David Thomas around, and Gresham is a bust overall so far.


DST START – New England (1 INT, 1 sack, 18 PA)


DST SIT – New Orleans (1 INT, 1 FR, 3 sacks, 10 PA)


Analysis: No matter the scoring system, NO destroyed the Pats’ defense this week.  I mean, this is 50/50, and Eisenberg lost the coin flip.  NO allowed 8 fewer points, had 2 more sacks, and had 1 more takeaway.  And I don’t get the pick at all, given the need for NO to make a statement in this game.


K START – Nick Folk (0)


K SIT – Joe Nedney (6)


Analysis: Folk was easily the worst fantasy kicker in Week 8, with zero points (minus-2 in my league, because of the relative chip shot he missed).  So chalk up another FAIL for Eisenberg.


FINAL ANALYSIS: Eisenberg, I made a point to say last week that you and Richard don’t deserve a lot of the abuse you endure, and you both handle a lot of the ___-talking with class.  And as I stated I try to do, I’m gonna keep this rational.  You failed miserably last week.  At every position, your Sits fared as well as or better than your Starts.  Your K and DST Start picks performed unbelievably poorly compared to the Sit picks.  I can’t help you here.


This kind of makes the point that Eisenberg’s advice (and Richard’s, and that of every fantasy “expert”) and the accompanying articles should be read more as infotainment, less as Gospel.  Yes, this took me a while, and yes, I am a loser as a result (and for other reasons). 


Hopefully a little third-party accountability helps a couple folks out.


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