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Posted on: November 12, 2008 3:46 pm
Edited on: November 12, 2008 4:21 pm

The (legal) circus that surrounds Larry Johnson

I have never blogged before. I figured I never would, because let's face it: Bloggers are people who think they're more important than they actually are. Why would anyone pay attention to what I write (about nothing in particular)? In order to construct an answer to that question, I'd have to find myself to be a lot more important than I actually am. And I'm not going to do that.

I'm a little confused now, so as my first blog, which I fully expect no one to read, I am going to amalgamate (note: that word could very well be used or spelled wrong, or both) some posts, and their responses, I have made about Larry Johnson's current situation. I posted them on the Cheifs' team page. I am feeling extra lazy, so I am just going to lay out the whole thread, as it exists right now:

Me: I am not a Chiefs fan, and I am not a Larry Johnson fan. (I pretty much strongly dislike him.) But because Sportsline inexplicably is not covering this ridiculousness, I wanted to ask Chiefs fans what you all think of this lawsuit.

I wanted to see if any of you can defend it (or if you, rather, agree with me). This lawsuit is representative of the worst kind of person on Earth. The bi*ch pressed charges, which I thought was bad enough, for allegedly having a drink spit in her face. (If the death threat actually happened, the charges were deserved. But whether or not it happened is a matter of great debate.)

But criminal recourse was not enough. She now is suing him for an unspecified amount of damages. FOR HAVING A DRINK SPIT IN HER FACE. Sure, the lawyer admits there are no actual damages, but her poor, poor client has had to suffer the humiliation of the whole thing. Nevermind that criminal complaints are anonymous --this waste of life's name was never published till she filed a civil suit.

This is from a guy who does not even like LJ. Presumably, a lot of you do. Even if you don't -- what do you think of this lawsuit? Is my blinding (literally, I have lost my eyesight) rage misguided?

Help me out.

Response (from b-arnold): teets, I agree with you partially, professional athletes, hollywood celebrities, and well-known people are always subject to law suits at the drop of a hat. It is unfortunate that this whole incident is going soon going to blow up into a media mushroom cloud. I do not like L.J. personally as well, but I do not feel an ounce of compassion for him. The real crime, in yet another off-the-field incident involving an NFL player, is a talented athlete putting himself in a crap situation. Apparently night clubs + L.J. + women don't produce good results. He supposedly spit in a woman's face, which by itself, is pretty bad. His alleged crime is on another level as those committed by Pacman and Vick, but like them, he is pissing away his career. I believe I speak for fans everywhere in saying that I would give perhaps both of my nuts to get paid to play any professional sport. The L.J.s, Pacman Jones, and Michael Vicks of the world deserve the punishment that the media or legal system imposes on them.

Me:  I completely agree with you -- especially the last sentence. And LJ might even get the punishment he deserves, in a criminal case.  


The problem with the civil case is that it is completely baseless. Technically, the idiot's allegation does state a legal claim, but what are her damages? Physical injury? No. She got liquid on her face. Emabarassment? No. No one knew who the hell she was before she filed the damn thing.

Therefore, a judge will accept the case, and one of two things will happen: (1) The idiot will lose because she has no damages, or (2) a jury will find for the idiot, solely because of the circus that has surrounded LJ for the past month, and jurors' knowledge of it.

This is not what the legal system is for.

Response (from Lazer_Wright): The charge of spitting a drink in a womans face may sound silly, but this is the 3rd or 4th time that LJ has been involved with the law in regards to treatment of women in an establishment serving alcohol.  It doesn't appear he's done any true bodily damage to any of them, its just the pattern of behavior that has everyone concerned.   I wouldn't put him in the class of Pacman Jones, but its apparent that he does have a tendemcy of self destructive behavior.  Hopefully the the punishments dealt out to him from both the NFL and the KC Chiefs will wake him up enough.

Me Lazer, another good point. But I gotta reiterate: There is no need for a civil case. This woman is out for several things (money, possibly fame, vindication) -- justice is not one of them. First and foremost, she got into an altercation, and she wants to get paid. 

Your gripes with LJ (and mine, and many others') can be remedied simply -- in the criminal courts. I hope LJ is punished for both of his recent acts, criminally. Give him a T.I.-ish amount of community service hours. Hey! Something that benefits society, rather than just one wretchid woman! Sounds good to me.

Again, I want LJ punished. But not civilly. What a waste of already scant judicial resources.

Response (from D2Moo): Unfortunately, some courts in the past have ruled that "embarassment" is a civil tort.  I agree with you teets that this looks like a money grab.  The only good that would come form a civil suit is Larry Johnson may finally understand that he needs to quit clubbing,  as if all the the punishment the Chiefs and the league gave him aren't convincing enough.  If he did threaten to kill the boyfriend, then it should be treated criminally. 

It should be pretty clear how I feel about this woman's lawsuit. I think it's garbage. And yes, I realize I am merely speculating about her intent in filing the suit (i.e. money, possibly fame/notoriety, and vengeance). But come on -- is it really likely I'm wrong.

LJ's lawyer said he might file a counterclaim, likely malicious prosecution and/or abuse of process -- these types of claims are made when a defendant in a lawsuit (LJ) thinks the plaintiff (idiot woman) has misused the legal system in filing suit.

I hope he does, and I hope he wins.






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