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Posted on: January 22, 2009 7:19 pm

If You Seek Amy

I have kind of gone off the deep end with three blog entries in the same day, but I was just reminded of something preposterous.

This song (see title of entry) by Britney Spears is obscene. Plain and simple. As a rap fan, I have no problem with obscenities -- as long as they aren't broadcast to children over free radio, and as long as they don't threaten to make a huge stride toward destroying those children's innocence.

I draw a pretty liberal line on how square I am about radio-play of obscene language. For example, when radio stations across the country started playing "No no no no, don't mess with my heart" in lieu of "No no no no, don't funk with my heart" when the Black Eyed Peas aptly-titled "Don't Funk with My Heart" came out, I found it ridiculous for two reasons. First, no profanity was actually uttered. But more importantly, the word was used as meaning "mess", and not "boink". (If you're not a fan of that sex-verb euphamism, choose your own.)

If you haven't yet figured out why this song is obscene, please either ask or say the words quickly -- you should get it.

Playing a song for children to hear on the radio, in which the crazy girl with the despicably awful voice says "all of the girls and all of the boys are begging to if you seek Amy", is lewd and egregiously irresponsible.

I expect this kind of behavior from people like Britney Spears, who seemingly have no concept of responsibility.

But radio stations should be fined out the ass for crossing this line.

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