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Posted on: January 5, 2009 11:32 am
Edited on: January 5, 2009 11:39 am

LT and the Chargers

I don't understand.

Are the Chargers not aware of what Darren Sproles has done when LT has been out? In two games when he has filled in as the feature back -- including Saturday's upset of the Colts -- Sproles has merely compiled 230 total yards and 4 total touchdowns (one coming on a kickoff return in Week 2).

Even with LT "healthy" in December, Sproles put up 5 touchdowns and 260 total yards in 4 games. He is CLEARLY more than effective to replace LT. (Fantasy owners spurned by LT this season, such as myself, could argue Sproles should start over LT. But that is a different, and slightly irrational, argument.)

So clearly the Chargers have not missed all this.

Has the media?

I feel like there is LT-gate after every Chargers game these days. One of the top NFL player notes on this site this morning is that LT is "very concerned" about his evident groin injury. Why does this matter? Anyone who picked LT in a fantasy playoff league deserves what he gets, because he either did not watch LT's regular season, or did not notice the severity (which was obvious) of LT's injury going into the playoffs. Fantasy owners expecting the Chargers to beat the Colts -- which I did not, but I am not playing playoff FFB either -- should have picked Sproles if they wanted a San Diego back.

So does the media just feel compelled to obsess over an LT injury because he has been the best back in the NFL over the last six years? It shouldn't, because he's not anymore. He's not even the most effective back on his own team.

So let's stop obsessing.

That being said, I'll continue to obsess over how he cost me my fantasy season until roughly late-August, 2009.

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