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Posted on: November 18, 2008 1:38 pm

MNF Rhetorical Questions

Hint: All the following questions can be answered in only one of two ways -- "Very" or "A lot".

(1) How ugly is Marshawn Lynch? He's gotta be in the top one per cent of despicably unattractive football players. (Or the bottom one per cent in terms of attractiveness. Yes, I am secure in my manhood, or lack thereof.) I can't remember the last time I saw one uglier. That being said, he was Buffalo's offense, and he handled it wonderfully. His touchdown run was either a clinic in field vision (from his standpoint) or a clinic on how not to defend a short out to a back (from the standpoint of the Browns' defense). The Browns on that run did exactly what my dad told us not to do in little league soccer -- all bunch together going after the ball. That was gross. Lynch played really well. (So did Fred Jackson, for that matter.)

[Side note: I also really like Lynch ever since I read a story in SI about where he came from (East Oakland) and how gang warfare has routinely claimed athletes from the same area. He got out, and therefore I will always root for him.]

(2) How bad is Trent Edwards? He could not throw the ball downfield. He had three interception in his first six pass attempts. He had 16 total completions; 10 were to Lynch, and he basically made yards on those plays. Without those completions, Edwards is 6-16 for 90 yards. He has thrown for 195-ish ypg with 3 TDs and 8 interceptions in his last four games. If you have this guy in fantasy, drop him for literally anyone else you can get with any value. He clearly was made wrong by that concussion. Either that or he just sucks. Oh, and it really doesn't look good for Lee Evans and Robert Royal, either.

(3) How explosive is Jerome Harrison? Anyone who saw his 72-yard touchdown run knows the answer is "extremely". I hope Cleveland is planning for this guy to be its future, as Jamal Lewis is only one or two years removed from retirement (I expect). I can't imagine why Jason Wright started over Harrison last year when Lewis missed time -- was Harrison injured? That should not happen again. Harrison has averaged over 7 yards per touch (and over 6 yards a carry) in his career. This year, the number is over 11 (the 72-yard run didn't hurt). The most amazing thing about that run was that his speed never diminished from start to end -- as soon as he hit maximum speed, he didn't slow down till the end zone.

(4) How overrated is Brady Quinn ALREADY? I don't really have a problem with Quinn. But I do have a problem with him being lauded so highly by so many commentators. He was 14-36 last night for 185 yards last night. That's a percentage of under 40, and an average-per-attempt of a little over 5. That is not good. Yes, Buffalo is a good defense. But saying he led the Browns to victory is asinine. There are three reasons the Browns won: Defense, running game, and Phil Dawson. (Notice how Brady Quinn is conspicuously absent from this list.) He played well in his debut, but he did it against the worst pass defense in the league. (Well, the worst unless it's facing Matt Ryan.)

(5) How much more should Josh Cribbs be used? He scored a touchdown by essentially doing the high jump into the end zone, minus the "high" part. I've never seen a TD leap like that. He is clearly some sort of acrobat. Combine his speed, acceleration and elusiveness, and he could be more valuable than Devin Hester (because of his height advantage). I want to see him used more, especially in the running game. (Wildcat formation anyone?)

So the Bills officially seem to have been pretenders at the outset of this season, and the Browns actually have a chance. Wait -- they play at Philly, at Pittsburgh, and at Tennesse? Okay, they have a chance to go 7-9 at best. Sad season for both these teams.

They can still look miles up at the Rams though.


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