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Posted on: March 12, 2009 11:01 pm

XII vs. Ten and Who Should Be In & Out

I don't know why, but it always seems like I am arguing with Big Ten fans about the March Madness viability of teams from these two conferences.  As a 7.5-year temporary resident of Columbia, Missouri, I am admittedly biased toward the Big XII.  However, my bias does not prevent me from being objective and rational in comparing these two conferences.

One Illinois fan claimed -- on the Mizzou team page, no less -- the Big Ten would get 7-8 teams in the tournament.  I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that asinine argument.  In the same metaphorical breath, this guy said the Big XII would get 4-5 teams in, max.

The latter argument is not obscene; the former is. 

Each conference has locks for the tournament: Kansas, Mizzou A&M, and OU are in from the Big XII; Illinois, MSU and Purdue are in from the Big Ten. 

Each conference as probablies (I know, it's not a word): Texas and OSU (after beating OU today) from the Big XII; Penn State, Ohio State  (20-9...RPI - 36...Big wins - Purdue, Minnesota, at ND, at Miami, at Michigan, Penn St Butler....Bad Losses - WV (by 28!), at Purdue (bby 25!)) and Minnesota from the Big Ten. (I included all the info about Ohio St. because, until 10 minutes ago, I thought they were out.  But upon further review, their resume is pretty tough...)

So, as I see it, that's 6 Big XII entries and 6 Big Ten entries. The other ones are toss-ups:

Big Ten: Michigan has lost 12 games, including against Iowa, who went 5-13 in conference; also lost to Wisconsin (not the team of years past) twice. MY PICK: OUT...Wisconsin has lost 11 games (against 19 wins); lost to Iowa and Northwestern (a team that doesn't even deserve Tournament mention); played tough non-conference schedule, but lost to 2 of 3 tough opponents. MY PICK: OUT.

Big XII: Unfortunately, no need to discuss. Kansas State was out with its loss today. Baylor was out as soon as it finished 5-13 in conference.

So both conferences likely get 6 teams in. So enough of the Big Ten faux-superiority, all right?


Now, one other pondering re: March Madness -- how the hell is Arizona still in the conversation? This team lost 13 game and didn't reach 20 wins. Its RPI is 53 (sure to go down after today's loss). I would MUCH rather Mizzou face Arizona in the tournament than, say, USC, whom I fear a little (despite Mizzou's early-season neutral-site win against them). Arizona has NO argument. OUT.


One random question: NOW is it okay to call Bristol Palin kind of a slut? I mean come on, it was clear that guy was a loser all along. People make mistakes, sure. But trying to cover a mistake with a forced marriage (i.e. another mistake) is ridiculous.


Hot rap line of the moment: 

I Brooklyn Dodger them; I Jack, I Rob, I sin.
Awww man, I'm Jackie Robinson, 'cept when I run base, I dodge the pen.

-Jay-Z, Brooklyn Go Hard (feat. Santogold)

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