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Posted on: January 22, 2009 5:51 pm
Edited on: January 22, 2009 7:20 pm

McGwire, Clemson Basketball, Ryan Howard, etc.

Mark McGwire was officially on steriods -- at least, if one is to believe his brother. The two don't speak anymore -- does McGwire speak to anyone? -- so there certainly is reason to question the brother's veracity. But all he has done is tell all of us (especially us pathetic victims of his fake heroism in St. Louis) what we already knew: He cheated.

It was comforting to hear that at least he didn't lift too hard. Apparently, he didn't want to "lift himself out of baseball" (a la Jose Conseco), so he didn't juice as much as some others (e.g. Jose Canseco) did. And the first sentence of this paragraph is sarcasm -- it's not comforting at all. He is now, essentially, Barry Bonds -- minus a few records, and with a different skin color.

Let me restate that this is still all hearsay from McGwire's brother. But I believe it, and I, especially as a St. Louis citizen, am entitled to judge the hell out of McGwire. At least he's a huge A-hole, on top of it all.

Clemson basketball is doing it again. Fifth straight season with at least 11 straight wins to open the season. And it is, as it has done the last four years, all falling apart following double-digit losses to Wake (10, at home) and UNC (24, at UNC). Now I know those two teams are top-5 in the country, but still...the Wake game was HUGE, and Clemson did not live up to it. And the 24? I don't care if it's UNC -- that's a massacre. Top teams don't get massacred.

This team will be one-and-done, and that is not a hard prediction to make at all.

Missouri basketball, on the other hand, won a HUGE game last night at Ok. St. And even though the Tigers managed to turn a positive into a negative by playing NO defense (giving up 92 points is ridiculous) and squandering an 18-point mid-second half lead to only win by 3.

BUT, Mizzou still won a Big 12 road game against a good team. And although Mizzou likely would have been an 8-point favorite had the game been at Mizzou, I still consider it a very strong win, and a good step toward the tournament.

Now if they could just figure out how to play well offensively and defensively in the same game.

Ryan Howard may or may not be worth $18 million. On one hand, he cripples a team (with horendous average and OBP numbers) for the first two-thirds of the season -- but he still hits for power. That makes him worth an Adam Dunn salary, if not slightly less. Dunn made $13 million last year. (He is currently a free agent, and if he makes more than that this year, I will puke.) So, prorated, that would be $8 million for 2/3 of Howard's year -- a little less than Dunn (2/3 of $13 million is $8.67 million) because, amazingly, Howard hits for less average most of the time, and strikes out more.

The last third of the season (August and September) is a different story. Howard has for the last two years become Babe Ruth in the last 1.5-2 months. Babe Ruth made about $100,000 in his heyday, so he is not the right benchmark. But Howard, at least last September, was arguably the best hitter in the game. Manny was right up there with him, and the Dodgers at one point seemed to think he is worth $25 million. That seems fair, so his prorated salary would be about $16.33 million.

What does all this mean? Nothing. Except it would be nice if Howard's consistency could improve a little. I'm sure the Phillies (aka World Champions) don't mind too much right now, though. And, as an aside, I love Ryan Howard.

Has there ever been a better playoff performance by a receiver than by Larry Fitzgerald this postseason? In my lifetime, I don't think so. I can't think of many better performances in any sport. Josh Beckett in 2007 comes to mind, and that performance was insane.

That's all for now. Oh, except a new feature on this blog:

Hip Hop Line of the day - "Girl we through...you think your sh-- don't stink but you are Mrs. P-U." (Lil Wayne, "See You in My Nightmares" by Kanye West)

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